Sunday, April 11, 2010

SEIU Executive VP Warns: "Black people get scared"

Via Breitbart & Naked Emperor News comes this revealing video clip of SEIU Executive VP Gerry Hudson discussing opposition to immigration reform. Language warning applies here which is why I didn't highlight the most startling line from this clip in the headline. SEIU and other union leaders betray their own membership in pushing for immigration reform largely so they have the opportunity to add newly legal immigrants to their union rolls to fill their coffers. How to counter that opposition, why paint them all as racists and their black membership as unwitting dupes of white racists manipulating them into being scared of losing jobs to a huge influx of newly legal immigrants. What's that unemployment rate at these days? Can't be that, it has to be the opposition is "so f***ing rabidly racist. He isn't really worried about opposition from the black community though, "it doesn't take a whole lot to argue African-American workers to another place." Essentially the message is they're pretty easily manipulated if you tell them look over there at all those white racists. Nice, shows great respect for the African-Americans he represents doesn't it?

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