Monday, April 26, 2010

Tea Party Panel at Arcadia University

Readers may remember Kelly who was kind enough to help me with tickets for the Obama health care speech at Arcadia back in March.  Kelly has been busy since then.  In addition to all her academic responsibilities, as Secretary of the Arcadia Republican Club Kelly has been involved in organizing the forthcoming Tea Party panel to be held at Arcadia on April 29, 2010.  She forwarded me a power point flyer with details on the event which I have embedded below.

The event is scheduled between 7 and 9 PM and features a fantastic lineup of speakers:
  • Diana Reimer            National Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots
  • Jenny Beth Martin      National Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots
  • Nate Whigham     Grassroots Activist
  • Jamal Green         Journalist and Graduate student, Philadelphia
  • Mike Gaske         National Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots/Fundraising Director
  • David Webb        Editor Tea Party 365 and Talk Show Host
There is a map included in the flyer below.  Hopefully we can get some pictures and details posted for those who are not in the area and unable to attend this great event.  For those in the area, please take the time to attend.  Tea party events have had a huge impact as we all know.  This event will provide a great opportunity to continue to make our voices heard.


  1. Are you going to this Mary?

  2. I have something else I am supposed to do but I am trying to make some changes so I can attend.

  3. Great, I'm pretty sure Paul and I are going. Did Kelly tell you she may be "moderating" this?

  4. No I didn't know that. Good for her. I hope I can work things out so I can go.


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