Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blumenthal Candidacy Imploding

My full report on Connecticut's Attorney General Richard Blumenthal who was found to be deliberately misleading about his service as a Vietnam veteran is posted over at Potluck.  Blumenthal's candidacy, once the bright hope for Democrats in these midterm elections, now appears to be imploding.  While Democrats may have hopes another Democrat will now challenge Blumenthal for the nomination for Chris Dodd's Senate seat, the tainted Democratic duo of Dodd and now Blumenthal may be a boon to the Republican nominee.

Blumenthal enjoyed enormous advantages in polls since Senator Dodd decided to make this his last year in the Senate.  It is hard to imagine why when you watch this beating Blumenthal took during an appearance on Glenn Beck's show in March.  The remaining portions of the interview drubbing can be found on YouTube.


  1. That interview is a thing of beauty. Beck is pointing out exactly what is wrong with the foaming at the mouth socialist power grabbers.

  2. Isn't it though? I saw it linked on Twitter when the Blumenthal story erupted last night. How was this guy leading the pack by 20 points?


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