Saturday, May 8, 2010

No one in Arizona is laughing, Mr President

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Governor Jan Brewer seems to be the one who is laughing last despite the jokes made at the expense of the Arizona immigration law she supported.  A recent Fox News poll found 61% of voters nationally supported the Arizona law intended to enforce the border laws the Federal government refuses to enforce for political reasons.  As Glenn Reynolds notes:
Forget the Arizona bill itself. What this poll says is that despite weeks of national-media coverage that was unrelentingly negative, calling the bill racist, drawing Nazi analogies, etc. — only 15 percent are really against it. Sorry guys — you’re still talking, but people aren’t listening.
The Obama administration proves itself to be as out of touch with mainstream America as his cheerleaders in the media.  This really isn't that difficult but politicians hoping to pander to the hispanic voters continually make the problem worse by their failure to address immigration.  Most Americans welcome immigrants who choose to come here legally.  This is what makes America the "melting pot" after all, isn't it?

The solution is straightforward as I see it.  Enforce the borders to allow citizens who suffer from the failure to enforce immigration laws develop confidence their rights are being protected.  Then, give clarity to the process by which immigrants who respect the laws of the United States become citizens.  Shouldn't hispanic voters expect that those who seek citizenship obtain it through legal means?  Politicians are the ones who incite hatred and racism by their failure to enforce laws they were sworn to uphold.  Instead of calming the situation, President Obama fans the flames by calling a law bigoted and racist.  It's time to be a grown up and do the job he spent several years campaigning for.

Sister Toldjah weighs in.  Da Tech Guy wonders whether the California principal who sent students home for wearing shirts depicting the flag should give his opinion on the law.  Pat in Shreveport comments on the insanity in California schools. Carol's Closet adds a touch of irony.

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  1. During a lunchtime conversation with a co-worker this week, who is know to be a flaming liberal, admitted that Arizona was RIGHT to pass the law since the Federal government couldn't be bothered to police the border.

    I nearly choked on my salad.

  2. Big loophole in the Law:

    Once a Police Officer sees a driver license, no further check for illegal status.

    This allows Drug Lords to capture a Department of Motor Vehicles employee, get her a DD boob job, pay her rent, buy her food, and give her a Prison gang member to sex her up. Results? Driver Licenses to whomever the Mexican Mafia says. Possiblity?

    It has been happening for a number of years.

    That is what President Obama means by misdirected.

    Arizona is a State of bigots. Our laws suck because we have lovers of evil writing them.



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