Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Public Reaction to Kagan Nomination Underwhelming

Via Memeorandum

Gallup polled the initial reaction toward the Kagan nomination and found some pretty underwhelming support for the nomination:

Gallup suggests the numbers are consistent with the reaction to the nominations of Harriet Myers and Samuel Alito.  This avoids the very obvious fact the support is lower for the Kagan nomination than any other nomination to which she is compared.   Gallup points to  the higher percentage of those sampled who offered no opinion of Kagan as explanation for her ratings as a good/excellent nominee.  Doesn't this assume those who offer no opinion would be inclined to rate the nominee favorably if they did offer an opinion?     If the percentage offering no opinion were reduced by 4 point and those point went to rating the nomination favorably, Kagan would still be on a par with Harriet Myers.  As Myers nomination failed, this is hardly a ringing endorsement.

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