Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sestak allegations a "tempest in a teapot" about to blow

Via Gateway Pundit:

Hannity had Victoria Toensing and Jay Sekulow as guests to discuss the allegations Joe Sestak was offered a high level job if he would drop from the Pennsylvania Senate race.  Sekulow sees the charges as explosive and they appear to be about to blow.  Earlier today David Axelrod claimed there was no evidence such an offer was made despite the fact Sestak has said repeatedly such an offer was made. In essence, Axelrod is calling Sestak a liar though he candy coats it quite a bit:
“When the allegations were made, they were looked into. And there was no evidence of such a thing,” Axelrod said on CNN’s “John King USA.”

Axelrod acknowledged that if White House officials dangled a job in front of Rep. Joe Sestak’s face to keep him away from challenging incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter, that would “constitute a serious breach of the law.”

Axelrod also acknowledged that there were “conversations” involving White House officials and Sestak, but said that those had been “looked at” by White House lawyers and “their conclusion was that it was perfect — the conversations were perfectly appropriate.”
So was Sestak tripping on some hallucinogenic mushrooms or has someone in the White House suddenly developed a convenient case of amnesia?  The White House is in a classic double bind with Sestak.  If Sestak is credible someone in the Obama administration is clearly facing serious legal charges.  It is unlikely Sestak would be offered a high level position without the knowledge and/or approval of Barack Obama.  If Sestak is not credible he can all but kiss that Senate seat goodbye.

The Obama White House almost always assumes they are above dealing with the consequences of their own actions.  Watch them find a way to make this about Bush.  It won't be so easy for them this time, however.  Axelrod brought the issue to the fore in the media today when he claimed there was no evidence Sestak was offered a job as quid pro quo if Sestak dropped from the race.  Let's be honest, the media generally lets the administration slide with nary a challenge to the Obama version of events.   Joe Sestak, however, will be a constant reminder the allegation hangs like the sword of Damocles over the administration and the Sestak candidacy.  Sekulu describes the allegation as a "tempest in a tea pot that is about to blow."  Frankly there have been many a tempest brewed in minor tea pots as Democrats should know all too well.  How big a deal did the Valerie Plame nonsense become?  Bribery is a powder keg and Sekulu isn't the only one who thinks it's about to blow:

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