Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Desperate Democrats in search of "Macaca" Moments

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Democrats are desperate to control the media narrative hoping they can stave off annihilation in November.  Their latest efforts include a call for action from their new media army to seek out and destroy Republican candidates by uncovering their "Macaca" moments.  The Accountability Project is touted as a "grassroots, volunteer project to hold Republican candidates accountable for their claims, their public statements, and their campaign tactics."   Never mind the big old beam in their eyes, Democrats will save the American people from any old Republican speck they can find.

Meanwhile beams are protruding from the eyes of Democrats everywhere.  Ed Morrissey catches the amateur president Obama in an Obamateurism nearly every day.  Jim Geraghty takes a stroll down memory lane and finds a few moments Democrats would prefer to forget.   Frankly, a complete tour of Democratic "Macaca" moments since they gained control of Congress in 2006 and all branches of government since 2008 would require more pages than all the Democratic pieces of legislation combined.

Just in the last day or so, Democrats have added to their growing tome of gaffes.  Someone let Joe Biden loose in a custard shop, hilarity and snarky-sniping ensues:

When Democrats in power aren't busy sticking their foot in the custard, they frequently suffer from amnesia as does this Obama aide in today's New York Post:
As the former public-affairs executive for Service Employees International Union Local 1199, Patrick Gaspard earned $37,191 in carried-over pay while on the White House payroll.

He failed to disclose the income on financial-disclosure forms, Politico reported. Where arrangements for payment by a former employer must be listed on the form, he checked a box indicating he had nothing to report.
I guess he forgot about that $37,191 in Union money or better yet, maybe Turbo-Tax made him do it.

What would a day be like without someone in the Democratic leadership or one of their aides making some disparaging and misleading statement about Tea Party people?  An aide to Senator Claire McCaskill steps up to do the dirty work today with a comparison between tea party participants and Hitler's brownshirts:
"Someone said 'brownshirts'...People got offended with that," Burns said. "But if you look at history, when Hitler took over Germany, he did it just that way: disrupting meetings, screaming -- and then it got violent. But they were always a minority."

McCaskill was embarrassed by her aide and issued a hasty apology to her constituents.   Fortunately McCaskill doesn't have to face re-election in this anti-Democrat midterm environment where her votes for the Obama/Pelosi agenda will have more influence on voters than the unbearably stupid comments from one of her aides.  Democrats may prefer to focus on the specks they hope might distract voters from their failures to govern but they leave themselves wide open to voters determined to "yank the plank" so many Democrats chose to walk instead.

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