Friday, June 18, 2010

Hillary Clinton let the cat out of the bag in Ecuador

Via Hot Air
Greta Van Sustern had Governor Jan Brewer on as a guest last night to react to news the Obama Justice Department would sue Arizona to block their immigration law.  Sec of State Hillary Clinton let the cat out of the bag in Ecuador before the news was delivered to the American people or the people of Arizona.  Brewer was stunned hoping that Obama would instead follow through on points made in their "very cordial" meeting held just two weeks ago:
Brewer, for her part, has previously said the president has ignored her requests to work together on border security issues and is ignoring its responsibilities along the border.

The Arizona governor spoke to reporters following the meeting, which she described as "very cordial."

"I am encouraged that there is going to be much better dialogue between the federal government and the state of Arizona," she said. "I hope that's not wishful thinking, I hope it's positive thinking."

Brewer said the president told her officials would head to her state in the next two weeks to see the situation firsthand and to consider how best to deploy federal border security resources. Mr. Obama recently announced plans to request from Congress $500 million and deploy 1,200 National Guard troops to improve southern border security, and Brewer said Mr. Obama indicated the majority of that money and troops would go to Arizona.

Asked about the possibility of a lawsuit, Brewer said the president indicated that he did not want to discuss the matter and "brushed over a little bit." She said she got the impression he is leaving the decision to the Department of Justice.
Looks like Governor Brewer was engaged in wishful thinking if she truly believed there would be better dialogue let alone any kind of serious assistance from the Obama administration.  Instead they are going to get the lawsuit :
As Hotsheet reported yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a television interview in Ecuador this month that the Obama Justice Department "will be bringing a lawsuit" against the controversial Arizona immigration measure signed into law earlier this year.

The comment was striking because both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder had said only that the administration was considering a suit. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer called Clinton's comments stunning and added that "to learn of this lawsuit through an Ecuadorean interview with the secretary of state is just outrageous."

It was unclear yesterday whether Clinton's comments were simply a prediction or mistake or whether instead she was getting ahead of a planned announcement by the administration.

Now a senior administration official tells CBS News that the federal government will indeed formally challenge the law when Justice Department lawyers are finished building the case. The official said Justice is still working on building the case.
It seems Hillary may have gotten ahead of the planned announcement if the Justice Department has truly not finished building its case against the Arizona law.  Brewer has every right to be outraged by this completely incompetent maneuver by Obama and his Justice Department.  Good luck to Obama and his fellow Dems with a lawsuit against a law that has broad support  from the American people.  Meanwhile support for the re-election of Obama is looking pretty bleak.

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