Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Mr. President, What Took You So Long?"

Anne Leary linked a new RNC ad on her blog and in response to a great post by Sherry Antonetti over at Potluck.  Sherry had a few things to say after reading Obama's speech.   Here is a sample:
Remember the miles of boom offered early on, sitting in warehouses in Maine? It’s still there. Again, we don’t know why.

Raise your hand if you remember the Governors and legislators of Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Alabama were all begging for the Federal government to lift restrictions which they had not so that the states could act. Me. I remember that.

Those national guards that the Federal government mobilized? They’re hampered by the lack of a chain of command. So far only 1400 of the 17,500 authorized have been engaged. Why? The Coastguard and BP have to okay the missions. So because there are bureaucratic layers, the mess sits and the resources both causing the problem and capable of solving it, lay idle, wasting.

Now. Raise your hand if you remember Ken Salazar doing anything.

What? No hands?

Name three things you remember the President did do since April 20th.

Bet they weren’t 1) meet with BP 2) authorize personnel and equipment for the Gulf 3) mobilize the American people to help deal with the crisis.

Bet they were 1) Vacation in Chicago or North Carolina, 2) Golf and 3) Party with Sir Paul.
From Sherry's keyboard to the RNC's ears - so to speak - here is the ad:

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