Monday, June 14, 2010

Voters Still Hate the Health Care Law Democrats Crammed Down their Throats

For the second week in a row, Rasmussen Reports shows support for the repeal of ObamaCare at 58% of likely voters. This report was taken after the White House began yet another public relations appeal to sell the plan to voters.  Do they seriously think that sales pitch number 5784 will do the trick?

The more we find out about the bill Democrats rammed through Congress, the less we like it. Even the cheerleaders at The New York Times are no longer able to deny the harsh reality that the "sweeping promises" of ObamaCare can not be kept:
In some respects, the rules appear to fall short of the sweeping commitments President Obama made while trying to reassure the public in the fight over health legislation.

In issuing the rules, the administration said this was just one goal of the legislation, allowing people to “keep their current coverage if they like it.” It acknowledged that some people, especially those who work at smaller businesses, might face significant changes in the terms of their coverage, and it said they should be able to “reap the benefits of additional consumer protections.”
Oh so we may not actually get to keep our current plan if we like it after all.  Who knew?  Presuming the "benefits of additional consumer protections" are not enough to finally convince us to love the law, Democrats appear poised to "reap the benefits" come November.

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