Friday, July 9, 2010

More Explosive News from DOJ Whistle Blower

My apologies to readers, it has been a bad week for me blogging. Hopefully I will get back on course with my regular posting now that summer is well underway and the family is getting into something of a regular routine.

While I may have had a bad week, it appears that the Obama administration has had a much worse week than I did. Results of latest polls show Obama in a downward spiral particularly with Independent voters. There is widespread opposition to Obama's lawsuit against the State of Arizona while questions about the administration's singular focus on Arizona left Baghdad Bob Gibbs stammering. Once considered the great hope for the Democratic party, Barack Obama appears to be as welcome as snow in July on the campaign trail.  If all that weren't bad enough, the DOJ whistle blower J. Christian Adams has more explosive news from behind the curtain at the Obama Department of Justice:

“The real problem here, as I testified yesterday, is a lawlessness that’s in the Civil Rights Division that will enforce some laws and not others.”
Perhaps this lawlessness in the Civil Rights Division is the last hope for Democrats facing the arrival of Hurricane GOP in November.  The failure to enforce laws that require the removal of dead people and others ineligible to vote from the rolls might be the strategy Democrats hope will save them after they have consistently thwarted the will of live eligible voters.   Fortunately brave men like Mr. Adams have stepped forward to blow the whistle on Democratic shenanigans as well as highlighting the only consistency in this administration - their failure to govern.


  1. I'd actually welcome snow in July about now, so unfortunately that analogy doesn't work for me! LOL Welcome back, I missed your blogs but I understand the overwhelmed stuff.

  2. You know Janet I was thinking you would welcome the snow in July when I wrote that. I would actually welcome it too after this wicked heat we had the last week. I will have to think of some other analogy to describe how unwelcome Obama is on the campaign trail.

    Thanks for the welcome back too, I am nursing the daughter today after she had her wisdom teeth out this morning. It should be a fun day today.


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