Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pelosi Counting on YOU to Insure Dems Control the House

After her week-long hissy fit over Press Secretary Baghdad Bob's statement that the House was "in play" this November, Pelosi ups the ante with a guarantee Democrats will control the House after November.   She has a secret weapon up her sleeve - YOU
Here is what will happen in November. Democrats will keep control of the House. Period.

While some Washington pundits are claiming that Republicans have the momentum, I remain more confident in our chances for victory as long as we have our secret weapon -- you.

Next Sunday, July 25th, marks 100 days from the fall elections. I have set a goal of raising $1 Million in grassroots contributions to send a powerful message to the media and to the world that we will keep control of the House and we will continue America's New Direction!

Please stand with me to send an overwhelming message of grassroots strength. If you contribute today, you will receive a special invitation to join me on our National Campaign Kickoff Conference Call.
 Well who doesn't want that special invitation to join her conference call?  That this week's hissy fit is tied to a giant grassroots fundraising effort calls into question the well-publicized hysteria over Gibb's seemingly obvious statement of fact.  Of course there are enough seats in play for Democrats to lose the House.  The question was whether the Democrats' disillusioned base truly understood the stakes.  They do now, don't they?  I guess we will see whether or not the base is as unenthusiastic as we've been told repeatedly they are.

Of course setting a goal of $1,000,000 to send a "powerful message to the media and to the world that we will keep control of the House and we will continue America's New Direction" is not much of a goal.  If I recall correctly Scott Brown far exceeded his 24 hour goal of $500,000 capitalizing on David Gergen's rhetorical gift to the campaign.  Who knew the words "Ted Kennedy's Seat," would prove to be so lucrative? Was Gibbs' gift to the House Democrats his rare statement of obvious fact?  Somehow I doubt it but the Democrats certainly did their level best to call as much attention to the statement as they could.  

Fortunately conservative bloggers have antidote to Pelosi's guarantee she will keep her gavel and the same secret weapon -YOU.    "Ten Buck Fridays" channels grassroot support to the many fine candidates who can help wrestle Pelosi's gavel from her grip:
Each week, TBF participants are strongly encouraged (but not required) to rally behind the deserving conservative Republican who wins the provide that candidate with a substantial money bomb.

You'll notice there's no middleman in this process. Your money goes exactly where you want it to go. Contributors send their investment directly to the candidates.

Participants put the words "Ten Buck Fridays" in the online donation form so that recipients know what's happening and so that donation totals can be determined. As Lilac Sunday has noted, the "occupation" line on the online donation form is a handy place to indicate that you're a Ten Buck Fridays participant.

TBF participants are unified by the desire to support conservatives who need an extra boost, and we're sending a powerful message of encouragement to those who share our cherished values. As we shout together, our voices will be heard.
I will link the winner of this week's Ten Buck Friday poll tomorrow after the winner is announced.   Let's make sure Speaker Pelosi is relieved of her duties in November and elect strong conservative candidates in the process.


  1. Seems kind of a shame that the Dems, instead of "We the People", will control the House.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Ten Buck Fridays with your readers - working together for conservative candidates will bring big returns come November and you are a great help in that effort.


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