Thursday, July 29, 2010

Surprise - Shirley Sherrod to sue Andrew Breitbart

H/T Hot Air
Alas, Sherrod's 15 minutes aren't over yet:
Ousted Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod said Thursday she will sue a conservative blogger who posted a video edited in a way that made her appear racist.
Sherrod was forced to resign as director of rural development in Georgia after Andrew Breitbart posted the edited video online. In the full video, Sherrod, who is black, spoke to a local NAACP group about racial reconciliation and lessons she learned after initially hesitating to help a white farmer save his home.
Speaking Thursday at the National Association of Black Journalists convention, Sherrod said she would "definitely" sue over the video that took her remarks out of context. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has since offered Sherrod a new job in the department. She has not decided whether to accept.
Sherrod said she had not received an apology from Breitbart and no longer wanted one.
"He had to know that he was targeting me," she said.
It's a debatable point who is targeting who here. On the merits, Jonathan Turley doesn't think much of her chances in court beyond the potential to embarrass Breitbart in discovery.   It is equally plausible she is the one embarrassed.

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Much more on this at Memeorandum

Heh, Nice Deb adds this:
The woman does not make a credible plaintiff, but since she’s had amazing luck with the courts, she must figure, what the heck.
Exit question: Given the fact that the new media is now sniffing around that Pigford v Glickman case, wouldn’t you think there are some Bureaucrats at the USDA sort of  wishing this woman would just go away?
Ed Morrissey thinks the Obama administration is as anxious as anyone to see Miss Sherrod and her lawsuit safely out of the headlines

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