Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chuck Hagel endorses Sestak because he cares about his career just like Sestak

Former Senator Chuck Hagel (NE- RINO) is expected to endorse Congressman Joe Sestak today in Pennsylvania.  The endorsement necessitated the creation of an entirely new category in the Fix Endorsement Hierarchy.  "The "Me for Me" Endorsement," is aptly named as the endorsement is of dubious value to Sestak but it will do wonders for Hagel as he auditions for a job with the Obama administration.  Needless to say the endorsement offers Pennsylvania voters absolutely nothing:
The simple fact is that Sestak won't gain anything of significant substance from the endorsement; he may get some residual benefit from the perception that Hagel, like Bloomberg, is independent-minded or the expectation-turning that a Republican not backing former Rep. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) creates.

On the other hand, there could be genuine benefit for Hagel -- albeit symbolic. Hagel is rightly understood as trying out for a Cabinet job and the more he can show a willingness to put party aside to do what he believes is the right thing, the more attractive he will be to President Obama and his inner circle.
Actually, Hagel is far more independent than Sestak who seems only able to stand against his party when it suits his career.  Hagel voted with his party 78 percent of the time.  Sestak, however, has trouble spotting a liberal like Nancy Pelosi despite the fact he voted with her 97% of the time.  Since we know that "Sestak is actually Slovak for job offer," I wonder who put the bug in Chuck Hagel's ear that a Sestak endorsement might be appreciated - Bill Clinton maybe?  No really, I am sure Hagel thought this up on his own with little concern for his own credibility.  Heck, Hagel and Sestak are just two wild and crazy independent guys who care about Pennsylvania.  PA2010 adds the Arlen Specteresque "no room at the Republican Inn" spin:
The Nebraska Republican is the type of moderate who has found there is increasingly little room for his kind in Washington, and chose not to seek reelection in 2008. He’ll formally back Sestak during events in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, just a week after the Democratic nominee was endorsed by New York’s independent Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Somehow I think the phrase "birds of a feather" seems appropriate here.

PA2010 offered a bit of news from the Toomey campaign as well:
Meanwhile, Democrats in Pennsylvania were reacting with glee over the weekend to an Associated Press story reporting that Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul got money from the operator of a pornographic Web site. The reason it matters here? Republican Senate nominee Pat Toomey also got $4,800 from the site’s owner. Naturally, Democratic operatives were e-mailing the story around like candy.
Imagine that - the same porn site operator donates to Toomey and Rand Paul and AP writes a story about it. I  can't remember, were the press very concerned about campaign contributions when Obama ran for office? Let's be honest here, if Democrats are "reacting with glee" because they found a porn site operator donating to Rand Paul and Pat Toomey they are in really desperate shape.

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