Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jennifer Granholm/David Gregory tag team Dick Armey - guess who wins?

Via Hot Air

This is a nice segment of today's "Meet the Press" featuring David Gregory and Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm tag-teaming Dick Armey with a variation on the "we may be incompetent but your candidates are crazy" argument. Their focus here is on Tea Party candidates and the role of government. Naturally Gregory and Granholm drag Paul Ryan's Roadmap through the mire hoping to scare seniors with the old tried and true boogeyman "Republicans will cut your social security." This is particularly rich considering Granholm, after 2 terms as a Democratic Governor, literally ran the state of Michigan into the ground. It is her specific type of government that makes a "roadmap" necessary so there is a social security program left for seniors.  Armey handles the Gregory/Granholm tag-team with relative ease and makes a nice defense for Paul Ryan's plan in the process.

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