Monday, August 9, 2010

Rahm and Barry's T-Shirt Stand

Vanity Fair asks, "Can Washington be fixed?" Rahm and Barry have the answer:

"It got so bad last December that President Obama and Emanuel would joke that, when it was all over, they were going to open a T-shirt stand on a beach in Hawaii. It would face the ocean and sell only one color and one size. “We didn’t want to make another decision, or choice, or judgment,” Emanuel tells Purdum. They took to beginning staff meetings with Obama smiling at Emanuel and simply saying “White,” and Emanuel nodding back and replying “Medium.”

By all means go set up that T-shirt stand, don't let us stop you.

Jill has more: Is Obama bored with his job?
Wyblog Michelle Obama is Paris Hilton


  1. As my Jewish friends would say, "Halevai!"

  2. I had to look that one up; I guess my Yiddish isn't what it used to be. Halevai is perfect.

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