Saturday, September 18, 2010

Double double, toil and trouble

Tales of moonbats; tongue of dog
Cool it with a baboon's blood
Then the socialist is firm and good

Burn her at the stake, Christine O'Donnell "dabbled into" witchcraft once upon a time.  Never fear dear reader, her "friend" Bill Maher, has her in a leg iron and threatens her with a little good-natured Wendelin the Weird treatment:

Maher seemed to remember her visits to the show fondly, sending her good wishes and predicting that she may be more successful than Sarah Palin because “Sarah Palin is mean and Christine is not.” Despite deeming her nice enough to not attack her in any direct way, Maher was not above digging through old clips of her on his program saying wacky things in order to get her back on his show. “It’s like a hostage crisis,” he explained, “Every week you don’t show up, I’ll throw a body out.”
With friends like that, as they say:
O’Donnell is being attacked for having been cutesy and wacky in the 90s, (as if she were the only person who was cutesy and wacky in the 90s). Not even Bill Maher can come up with something particularly mean-spirited to say about her. As embarrassing as the clips may be, having a far-left commentator try to coyly humiliate her just to get face time with her is about as positive an endorsement as any Tea Party candidate has gotten.
The divine Ms. Althouse is having none of it either:
It's a good attention-getting ploy by Maher. He's got the video and he's taking clips out of context for the maximum shock/comic effect. It's perfectly okay to do that with video, right? Remember when Andrew Breitbart did something like that to Shirley Sherrod, and all the liberals got all righteous about taking things out of context?
Well the left gets all righteous - when it suits them - then they turn back into the newts we know them to be:

Speaking of bit witches.  Someone take the stake to Alaska, Lisa Murkowski needs to be weaned off a powerful narcotic - stat!

The cauldron is stirring on Memeorandum


  1. They are getting so desperate. I watched the video, she looks like a teenager, FFS. We all did silly, experimental things in our youth. It's really getting ugly now, RS. I hope this doesn't hurt her.

  2. I say brace yourself Bunni, it's going to be wild and woolly ride to November. She should cut this off at the pass and make a joke of all the wacky stuff she said on that wacky show and be done with it.


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