Saturday, September 11, 2010

A few shrews left untamed

I am ashamed that women are so simple
To offer war where they should kneel for peace.
The Taming of the Shrew, 5. 2
Eleanor the Curst declares Republicans unworthy of the gift Barack et al have bestowed upon them.  Naturally she sharpens her claws and has a hissy fit:
The upcoming election has nothing to do with the Republicans. They’re the beneficiaries of a completely unearned gift, and if they behave true to form, they’ll squander it. They’re like someone who’s won the lottery. They’re getting a windfall, but they haven’t put forth any serious ideas about legislating, or governing. And why should they? The election is not about them…

I’d like to believe that once the voters know more about John Boehner, the House speaker-in-waiting, they will recognize that elevating him is like buying fire insurance from the guy who lit your house aflame. He’s part of the crowd that spent money and ran up the deficit, and now he’s hawking fiscal sanity. He still smokes cigarettes, and in 1995, after the Republicans took over, he was videotaped passing out checks from the tobacco industry on the House floor while members were considering an end to tobacco subsidies. Judging by his complexion, he spends a lot of time in a tanning bed. Maybe he hasn’t heard of skin cancer, or he thinks that’s another myth, like global warming.
Eleanor girlfriend, can we talk?  Your prince still smokes cigarettes and he talks up fiscal sanity while proposing vast new entitlement programs the country needs like melanoma.  The only reason Republicans are on the receiving end of this "windfall" is because no one believes Obama has a clue what he is doing.

I would have liked to believe that once voters knew more about Obama they might have seen this coming.  I certainly did.   I certainly thought handing the crew who believed there was absolutely nothing amiss with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac the keys to the country was a bit like buying fire insurance from the guy who lit your house aflame.  Let's not pretend the progressive left had nothing to do with driving this country into a ditch.  I guess if you repeat a lie often enough it starts to sound like the truth.

Perhaps the Republicans and Boehner haven't proved themselves worthy of their windfall but voters have less confidence in the group who spent a trillion dollars on jobs that can only be counted like magical beans.  We have to believe it would have been way worse without the dog walk parks, tattoo shops and earmarks for Planned Parenthood.  Guess what Eleanor, no one seems to be buying that.  No one really believes that Obama brought us back from the economic abyss or if we had we only invested in more tattoo shops and dog-walk parks things would be hunky-dory.

 Lastly, no one seems to believe the Senate needed to hold hearings on Christmas Eve for a health care program that neither bends the cost curve downward or puts us in charge of our health care decisions.  No, health care wasn't his "major achievement" two-thirds of the country hates it as much as we hated having it crammed down our throats.  There's small choice in rotten apples, Eleanor. The voters, however, seem to have decided some apples are more rotten than others.  Choke on that in November.

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