Monday, September 13, 2010

She's Melting

At Angela's request, I post the quintessential Ruby Slippers political ad produced by Ladd Ehlinger. How can I possibly refuse?

The last Ehlinger ad I posted was the divine Young Mattie Fein: Ahmadinejad was . . . my . . . boyfriend!!! As Allahpundit notes in his headline, I am sure going to miss these ads after the election. Of course, we will have been comforted with visions of buckets of water when they are finally tossed at that wicked one. Naturally, Ehlinger will be busy thinking up ads that will relieve us of the Tin Man after that.   The cherry on this sundae, however, would be to see John Dennis take Pelosi's seat, follow the link to help make that happen.


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