Monday, September 27, 2010

Take me to your obscure Malaysian astrophysicist

Just in case we're invaded by alien space creatures, the the UN has our backs:
THE United Nations was set today to appoint an obscure Malaysian astrophysicist to act as Earth’s first contact for any aliens that may come visiting.

Mazlan Othman, the head of the UN's little-known Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa), is to describe her potential new role next week at a scientific conference at the Royal Society’s Kavli conference centre in Buckinghamshire.
She is scheduled to tell delegates that the recent discovery of hundreds of planets around other stars has made the detection of extraterrestrial life more likely than ever before - and that means the UN must be ready to coordinate humanity’s response to any “first contact”.

Right, well, I can't think of anyone better to do the meet and greet with the little green dudes can you?  A certain someone - who shall remain nameless - would probably bow or something.  Maybe we can get David Axelrod to spin the whole invasion as the universe beating a path to sample our fabulous ObamaCare.  That ought to chase the aliens out of here at the speed of sound.

Via Memeorandum

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