Monday, September 20, 2010

Wisconsin is looking mighty red these days - Feingold down 11 points

Woah Daily KOS previews the PPP poll they sponsored in Wisconsin and it is truly the disaster for Democrats he announced on twitter this morning:

 Those internals should be giving the DNC heartburn.  When the Republican is leading among women and winning 33% of the African American vote Feingold can kiss his Senate seat goodbye.  Johnson picks up 18% of Obama voters in a state that Obama won by 13.9%.  Even among the younger voters, the only group to maintain enthusiasm for Obama, Feingold barely holds on to a lead with a mere two point separating him from Johnson.

Obama is under water with 54% disapproving of his performance as president:

Earlier today Rasmussen released a poll of likely voters in the race for Wisconsin Governor.  The poll showed the same 8 point lead found in the Daily KOS/PPP poll for the Republican candidate Scott Walker.  Rasmussen has had Walker with a consistent lead over the Democrat Tom Barrett since they began tracking the race back in February.  Maybe it's time to move these races out of the toss up category.

Thanks to Fox Politics News for linking!

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  1. As a soon to be Wisconsin resident, I am very encouraged by these poll numbers. Thanks to all the wonderful Wisconsin conservatives!


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