Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Socialist

This is another Ben Howe production. Though the beginning may give the appearance of an Obama prop piece it serves as a starting point for the long spiral downward Obama has taken in the nearly two years he has been president. No doubt Obama's left-wing agenda has been a primary reason for his fall from the "Hope and Change" pedestal. Perhaps he will find himself inclined to embrace the center after a serious thumping in November though I have my doubts he will. Bill Clinton was able to salvage his presidency when he found himself faced with a Republican Congress after midterms. Obama, however, is no Bill Clinton.

Obama has shown himself to be stubbornly antagonistic toward the one group that could help his political aspirations, the business community and entrepreneurs:

Obama replied by conceding that there might be a psychological hang-up discouraging investment but that the resistance on tax grounds anyway was ill justified. He also suggested, more or less explicitly, that giving into it would be akin to appeasing a hostage taker.

"Essentially, what the argument comes down to is that the psychology of those of us — and I’m in this category — those of us who are wealthy and make a lot of decisions that determine whether investments are made or not — that our psychology is sufficiently important; that even if we don’t need a tax cut, we should give them a tax cut, we should give us a tax cut in order to induce us to play ball, because otherwise we’re going to take the ball and go home," Obama said.
Appeasing a hostage taker?  As Rush Limbaugh noted,  "they have already taken their trillion dollar ball home" and they are indeed "sitting on it."  This isn't all about tax cuts, what incentive does business have to play nice with an antagonistic schoolyard bully that taunts and threatens continually?  Whether this makes Obama a socialist or incompetent or both will be left for history to decide.  For now one thing is certain he wasn't the change we were waiting for and no one is saying thank you:

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