Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teacher's Unions "Gone Wild"

Another explosive Breitbart expose, this time with the teachers union in the crosshairs. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie responds to the revelations contained in the three-part video release that captures NJ teachers and their union leaders in compromising positions:
Gov. Chris Christie comments on 'teachers unions gone wild'
Part One of the series is embedded below.  Parts two and three can be viewed here.  Warning, there is a good deal of foul language from the mouths of these NJ teachers contained in these tapes:


Most tellingly, the only defense offered by the teachers and their unions is to discredit James O'Keefe who most of you will remember from the Acorn pimp and prostitute undercover investigation.  Yes, O'Keefe has taken one investigation a bit too far since his Acorn series but that does little to discredit the revelations in this expose.  I would expect the teachers involved here have quite a bit of explaining to do no matter what anyone says about O'Keefe.  The NJEA isn't offering any explanations though, they're sticking to blaming O'Keefe:
The videos show people identified as teachers talking about how difficult it is to fire a tenured teacher, and laughing about playing arcade games "on their dime."

"There was no acting going on," said Cory. "Individuals, just common citizens went in and were able to capture this audio and video by just striking up conversations with folks."
The NJEA dismissed any work by O'Keefe saying the 26-year-old is "completely and utterly discredited."

"It’s James O’Keefe and that’s all you need to know," said NJEA spokesman Steve Baker, citing O'Keefe's legal troubles in the past.
I have my doubts about the NJEA and frankly find them completely discredited after watching these videos.  Be sure to watch the video where the NJEA official explains their involvement in rigging elections.  Chris Christie is right. "And if you need an example of what I’ve been talking about for the last nine months about how the teachers’ union leadership is out of touch with the people and out of control, go watch this video. It’s enlightening, it’s enraging.”

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