Sunday, November 14, 2010

First they came for your Happy Meal

Via Memeorandum
You have to hand it to San Francisco legislators; they're doing their part to awaken the country to the dangers of government overreach one lunatic ban after another.  First it was the toys in your Happy Meal, now it is your son's penis:
“It’s genital mutilation,” said Lloyd Schofield, the author of a San Francisco ballot measure that would make it a “misdemeanor to circumcise, excise, cut or mutilate the…genitals” of a person under 18.

Baby boys in San Francisco may be relieved but not everybody agrees with a proposed ban.

“I just had him circumcised 3 weeks ago,” said Heather Wisnicky of Sacramento, mother of Tyler, a 6-week-old baby boy. “It’s a health issue. It’s cleaner,” she said.

Scientists with the Centers for Disease Control are still studying whether circumcisions are healthier, and have promised recommendations to the public. Meanwhile, according to the New York Times, a CDC researcher reported a sharp drop in the number of American parents choosing circumcision in hospitals - from 56 percent in 2006 to less than 33 percent last year.

“Most medical groups have not come out with strong opinions regarding pro or con circumcisions,” said CBS 5 medical reporter Dr. Kim Mulvihill. “Most are saying leave it up to the families, let them decide what’s right for their son.”

Ah, that’s a little much,” said Earl Phillips of San Francisco about the proposed ban. “That goes a little bit too far.”
Gee, d'ya think?  What's to become of the Jewish tradition of the Bris?  Will mohels be forced to perform the ritual in back alleys?  Or worse still, the back seat of your Royal Deluxe II?

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  1. Since California is abandoning this procedure without Government interfereing one way or the other, what is the point of this measure?


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