Monday, November 22, 2010

Jill on our national obsession with thinness

Jill  of Pundette fame has a new article on Rightnetwork. She offers this sage advice:

By all means, be an excellent example. But not obsessively so, nor with large doses of nagging or praise. Kids are very good with subtext and will easily figure it out when parents have an agenda that goes beyond fun and fitness. The message we do not want to send is that we'd love our kids more if they were thinner.

Do let your kids in on the secret that people who are blessed with good health, an athletic body, or cover-girl beauty (not the only kind), can thank their genes and dumb luck for a good portion of it.

Take care not to hold up fitness as a cardinal virtue. Crossing the line between that and narcissism is easy to do, if the deportment of professional athletes is any indication. The humble ones stand out because there are so few of them.

I wonder who she had in mind there? Please go read the rest and hit the like button too!

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