Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leading the "last laughs" parade

More celebratory last laughs to start your day.  Last week, unbearably-stupid school officials forced 13 year-old Cody Alicea to remove a flag from the back of his bicycle.  The flag was a  symbol of he young boy's patriotism and a demonstration of his honor for veterans like his grandfather.  Yet when a few students complained about the flag, school administrators said the flag was no longer permitted on school property.

The school quickly changed their tune when they were contacted by the media.  Suddenly the school has no problem with the display of a flag on a bike, imagine that.

Hundreds of American Legion Riders and concerned citizens followed Cody to school today just to be sure no one gave Cody a hard time.  I think they had a message for the school:

Great pictures and more at Gateway Pundit

Via Memeorandum


  1. Wasn't it? Wow, I loved the pics at Gateway of the kid getting the purple heart hat and all. What a great story.

  2. Posted on this before I looked at your site.

    When I saw this young man weep, I realized how terribly alone he must have felt before word got out. I'm thinking that Mexican flag toting bullies will think twice about accosting him after hundreds of patriots showed up on their Harleys in his support.

    Good on him, and a lesson for all patriots.

    The more we stick together, the happier we'll be.


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