Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quote of the day

Via Instapundit linking a post at The New Editor.  Tom Elia noticed the most laughable statement attributed to Obama I have heard in some time.  That's really saying something.  Naturally New York Times columnist  Matt Bai reports it without a note of irony: 
"The body of Mr. Obama’s writing and experiences before he became a presidential candidate would suggest that he is instinctively pragmatic, typical of an emerging generation that sees all political dogma — be it ’60s liberalism or ’80s conservatism — as anachronistic. Privately, Mr. Obama has described himself, at times, as essentially a Blue Dog Democrat, referring to the shrinking caucus of fiscally conservative members of the party."

Wow, what is he smoking these days?  Fiscal conservative?  Why yes, it's practically the first thing I think of when I hear the name Barack Obama.  Or not.  Let's hope Mr. Obama has his Blue Dog hat handed to him like the rest of the Blue Dog Caucus.  

UPDATE:  Anne Leary links with Charles Barkley's take - what a hoot.


  1. lmao, that's the most ridiculous thing EVAH! Blue dog democrat? *snort* All I hear in this is:

    2012's getting closer, and everyone hates me except the black voting demographic, so I better start saying I'm really more centerish. Because everyone always believes every word I say, especially when I do the exact opposite. Woot! Where's my ice pack for my big fat blue dog lip?

  2. I can't stop laughing...........

  3. He's delusional but notice the press doing his bidding for him once again. They are going to be working overtime to frame every blessed move he makes as proof the guy is really the centrist pragmatist they painted him in 2008. They have two years to work on it. I hope he doesn't get away with it.


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