Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clicking Heels in PA - Specter & Toomey in Deadheat

Via PA Watercooler Quinnipiac released a poll this morning showing Specter leading Toomey by an insignificant 1 point:
A Quinnipiac survey released this morning found Specter leading Toomey by a statistically insignificant one point in a general election matchup, 45 percent to 44 percent. More troubling for Specter, a near-majority of voters say he doesn’t deserve reelection, according to the poll.

As PA Watercooler wisely notes, "Specter is the perfect illustration of what is wrong with our political system today." Benedict Arlen could care less about loyalty, he is entirely about getting himself re-elected. Replacing Specter with a strong conservative like Pat Toomey seems like the perfect medicine to what ails career pols like Arlen, send them home.

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