Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DNC Ad "Enough of the Mob" - Hey How about "Enough of the Spending"

The Washington Monthly Political Animal Blog by Steve Benen has the scoop on the Administration strategy to combat the PR failure town halls have become. It's a new strategy for the DNC and White House which I am sure you will not guess....wait for it.... It's a new and unique "paint the Republicans as crazy loons strategy". I bet the Democrats really had to strain the brain to come up with that technique:
The White House and allied Democrats are ramping up efforts to make belligerent anti-Obama town hall crowds -- and the media outlets that feed their resentment -- the face of opposition to the president's health care agenda, aides tell the Huffington Post. [...]

The DNC, thrilled obviously by their new strategy have rushed an ad to be aired over the August recess:

Huffington Post was happy to help the White House again and posted the new ad as a preview for their readers. Huffington Post has run the obligatory post describing all the participants at town halls as tea baggers and birthers. My local Congressman tried to make his meetings invitation only, rather than face the voters who sent him to DC. When the voters have something to say, Democrats would rather not hear they choose to paint them as crazies or avoid them altogether. Maybe they should try a very new and novel strategy, listening.

UPDATE:Michelle Malkin has some examples of fine moments in Democrat mob warfare.
UPDATE II: Angela @ Domestic Divapalooza has a video of an Austin TX meeting where the event was mostly advertised in liberal leaning publications.

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