Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Patrick Murphy Town Hall Update

The Intelligencer has an interesting Op-ed today following on the heated Congressman on Your Corner sessions where Patrick Murphy met with angry constituents over health care. I had a post here with all the details. In light of the heated response in rather limited venues, The Intelligencer is calling for Congressman Murphy to hold larger meetings as the topic effects all his constituents.

Murphy's strategy of meeting in small venues by invitation only obviously backfired when word of the meetings was released on Friday. The Intelligencer editorial gives Murphy credit for adapting to the format and handling the crowd deftly. Nevertheless, the editorial notes a reluctance on Murphy's part to schedule a large meeting with constituents. The piece urged calling the Congressman in Doylestown or Washington to ask for a commitment on a meeting. I wholeheartedly agree, any readers here from PA 8 may want to use these phone numbers to urge our reluctant Congressman along:

Washington: 202-225-4276. Doylestown: 215-348-1194.


  1. I contacted Murphy's Bristol office this morning. I was asked if I wanted to be added to the call list. Murphy's assistant claimed that they were very busy and would call people back once they knew where his next town all would be.

    I asked "Why isn't Congressman Murphy's schedule just posted on his website? Wouldn't it be more time efficient to post the town hall dates and addresses there, since you're so busy?"

    The answer I got was rather hilarious though incredibly sad: "We're just informing those who are really interested."

    What??? So we have to go to Murphy and ask/beg for information?

    Congressman Murphy should be coming to us with all the information and the utmost willingness to explain healthcare reform to us the best that he can.

    And what about people who don't know how interested they are? What if they're slightly interested and would become more interested if they attend an openly advertised meeting?

    Murphy's attitude towards his consituency is downright appalling.

  2. I agree completely, he has absolutely no regard for his constituents. His voting record is appalling. Bucks County is not San Francisco why should we have a Congressman who votes like it is. Thanks for the info, I have had about the same response. Everyone is interested. How many people in Bucks are employed in Health care. We have all the pharma companies nearby, loads of hospitals, this guys is delusional if he thinks we're not following this.

  3. According to his snippy staff in Doylestown , they are taking names, making a "list" in case he has a 2nd meeting.

  4. Are you kidding? I can't believe they have the nerve to say that after the Intelligencer called him out like they did. He is a sad excuse for a Congressman.

  5. I wrote to Murphy more than a week ago asking for notices of meetings. Never got a reply nor did I get one to my questions on whether he read the bill.

  6. I have written twice and never even got a confirmation he received it let alone a response. The thing that really bugs me about him is the absolute nerve of him going to DC taking a Republican seat and then voting like he is from San Francisco. He never votes with the Blue Dogs, he as liberal as they come. I can still not believe he went to the meetings and claimed to be for a public plan. He is so out of touch with this district it's sad.

    If anyone finds a date or commitment for another meeting please stop here and let others know. I know from my blog stats that there are a lot of Bucks County folks reading here on this subject. I think the Administration is aware how bad these are for them in PR sense. I have heard they are gearing towards doing telephone conferences. Maybe they just need to scrap this whole piece of garbage and do the reforms that will really help Health Care.

    Thanks for the comments to All too! I really appreciate it.

  7. We as Americans have the right to express our views regarding the issues related to this country. However, with citizen rights comes citizen responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is to go to the information regarding the issue and read it yourself. This is how to be informed. Every one should be reading the health care bill for themselves, and ask questions about the parts that is not clear. This is why we are educated, so that we can evaluate what our government is proposing, not have others tell us what to think. This is what should be happening at a town forum, question and answers not screaming at the congressman about information heard on talk radio. Listening to talk radio is not being informed and gther your information about a bill in this way is not being a responsible citizen of this country.

  8. In terms of being responsible for being informed, I somewhat agree, Guest. However, though I possess a college education, I am not schooled in the legalese of the bill. And I certainly can't read 1,000 pages in the very limited amount of time that is currently given to me. So I think it is upon our representatives to give us a general overview of their understanding that has resulted from doing their job of reading the required documents that they end up voting on.

    Please know that I'm not interested in going to a Town Hall meeting to shout. I am interested in going there to both listen and to have my opinion known. On his website, Congressman Murphy claims that he wants to know what I think about the reform, so I would like to tell him. But I'm willing to listen to what he has to say first, in case I agree or in case he can convince me otherwise.*

    As for the shouting that we've been hearing, I do understand why people are given to raise their voices in these situations, as it seems that many of the representatives so far are given to repeat the same old general lines and platitudes about the current and future state of American healthcare when they indeed are asked about the bill. In other words, they seem to lack any evidence that they've been reading any of the bill at all. I see or hear the shouting among constituents more as frustration than it is hostility.

    *(Note that Murphy refuses to tell us what he thinks on his site, and won't say there whether he's going to vote for it or not. I have written to him telling my basic thoughts about what I know about the bill so far, but haven't even received any acknowledgement of my correspondence).

  9. Oh, I forgot to mention: I don't listen to "talk radio." But even if I did, I'm not a one way receiver. I think about what I read and hear, process it, and come up with my own conclusions.

  10. I think it is a natural thing when people feel passionate about something as personal as health care and basically feel they are being avoided by their Representative, for their anger to come to the top. I think people are genuinely angry and all the talk of them being fakes or a manufactured crowd is only going to fuel the fire.

    I am thinking I might drive to Lebanon on Tuesday and see Arlen Specter's town hall there. If all goes well, I should be able to clear the day to go. I am ready to throw my hands up on Murphy because at this point I think he is just dodging the whole thing. I am wondering if he might show up at Specter's since it is out of his district so he wouldn't be the one getting the heat. In either case I have loads for Specter too. I think he would say anything to get re-elected and Sebilius handled the whole thing for him last time. It might be interesting anyway. I will let everyone know here on my blog what happens.

  11. Murphy has voted against his Constituent's wishes repeatedly. The first Bail Out Bill in October 2008, then the 2nd Stimulus Package in early 2009, the Cap and Trade Bill which raises taxes on every energy and consumer product and now Health Care.

    In the previous three Bills, his Constituents overwhelmingly opposed them and expressed their opposition 9 to 1 before each vote. He voted for all of them anyway.

    This is all about money, folks. Lawmakers and the Federal Reserve have robbed the Social Security Trust Funds and that is now followed by a huge revenue deficit.

    The only aim behind the Health Care Bill, is to lower costs as the aging population moves into Medicare. Of course it won't be called Medicare anymore after the Bill passes. You can't do that without cutting back coverage, especially when you plan to cover everyone.

    I have read the Health Care bill. You just can't imagine how bad it is. You have to see if for yourself.

    Got to Page 437 of the Bill and see just one example of how they'll cut back on healthcare, by instead utilizing "End of Life" provisions yet to be legislated by 2011, and become law as part of this Bill.

  12. Patrick Murphy is only out for one person. Patrick Murphy. Statistically about 73% of the time our officals vote for what their party wants. Only 14% of the time do they listen to the voters. 88% of Bucks Residents are insured. So why would anyone think that a majority of residents want a public option. Has a poll been taken. No. has open forums been scheduled no. The House of Representatives are stack with boot licking liberal cowards. Not one major poll supports the housr version of healthcare reform. Abortion coverage, illegal immigrant coverage all need airing at media covered events. Patrick Murphy needs a challenger Republican, or Independent that represents the voters honestly in the district. Remember Hillary Clinton was the choice in Bucks, and PA overwhelmingly. Guess who our liberal lap dog backed. Not for Bucks not for Congress. It's the people's house not Murphy/Pelosi's

  13. I was very interested in attending a town meeting with Patrick Murphy until I found out that he refuses to tell the public where/ when they will be. They're making a list of people who are interested? The entire concept of only informing the people who have already made an effort to contact him goes against the fundamental principles of the USA. The government is supposed to work for the people, not the other way around.

  14. Regarding Murphy's back office, I received the same treatment. They would only put me on a "call list", and I asked the same question regarding their Website. He is either dogging his constituents, or imcompetent. . .either is bad for our district and the country

  15. If I could add to your comments, he is not only "as liberal as they come", and not a so-called "Blue Dog" Democrat, but I find him as "dumb as a rock". He reminds me of (sad to admit) Dan Quayle. The Democrats were looking for Iraq War veterans to run in '06, regardless of their ability to add one plus one.

  16. Someone should ask the Congressman if he took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, how he can possibly defend his votes against the core of what the Constitution states. The Constitution is not a "top down" document where the people are subservient to government, but the oppositie, a "bottom up" document whereby government is subservient to the people, where power in this system is derived from the people and free markets. In addition, the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights is only 6 pages long. Imagine, documents that establish the basis of the political system in our country is 1,000+ pages shorter than a bill to "reform" healthcare. . .is boggles the mind!!!

  17. I don't know if you saw my post here but I have a video showing him at a hard left bloggers convention this past weekend. He talks about how he took the oath to support and defend the constitution and fought for his constituents. . One of his strengths according to the Intelligencer is his Iraq service. He mentions it all the time as if that somehow excuses him from doing his job in Washington and reflecting the will of the people in Bucks County, not Speaker Pelosi's will. His service in Iraq didn't help him formulate his stance opposing the surge in Iraq which worked despite our Congressman's opinion.

    I have spoken to someone from NRCC and was told we need to put pressure on the local Republican office to make sure a candidate is chosen to run against Murphy.. This is their website and here is their contact information:

    Bucks County Republican Committee
    115 North Broad Street
    Doylestown, PA 18901





    E-mail: (webmaster)
    Murphy has already raised over $800,000 for the 2010 election. We need to get a candidate so fundraising can begin. It is going to be a challenge to fight against Murphy because he is a total phenomenon when it comes to fundraising. I won't even get started on that topic because I might burst a vessel. Murphy has Pelosi backing him and losing his seat will be a real blow to the Democrats. We have to get moving soon despite what the rep said in the Sunday Intell. I wonder if Manion would run again?


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