Friday, August 21, 2009

Krauthammer Is Missing the Iceberg

Charles Krauthammer seems to think he is aboard the Titanic, where the ladies are excused, while the men discuss politics and smoke cigars:
"Let's see if we can have a reasoned discussion about end-of-life counseling. We might start by asking Sarah Palin to leave the room. I've got nothing against her. She's a remarkable political talent. But there are no "death panels" in the Democratic health-care bills, and to say that there are is to debase the debate."
Charles seems to be suffering from selective hearing syndrome , and has conflated end-of-life counseling with the inevitable rationing that would accompany government run health care. Two cases in two days might warrant a call to the CDC. Charles seems to have forgotten an important lesson from those who failed to heed the warning, "Iceberg, Right Ahead." It didn't end well Charles.

For further discussion, see:
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