Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More On Murphy Town Hall

Via Powerline First hand account of someone who attended Congresssman on your Corner session on health care in Morrisville. Here are some highlights:

Murphy responded that he didn't want to take away anyone's health care, and his goal was seeking "cost savings" by eliminating "waste and fraud." He did riff on the evil greedy insurance companies and doctors committing fraud. The crowd seemed unconvinced. I spoke up and said waste and fraud had been government problems since Abraham Lincoln's day, the government had never been able to eliminate it, and in any event the amount of waste and fraud could not possibly amount to more than five percent of health care's costs even by the government's own figures, so how could Murphy claim that better controls would pay for anything?

Murphy reiterated that there was a lot of waste and fraud but they were looking at other revenue enhancements, like taxing "gold plated" plans. I snapped back "the health insurance industry after-tax profits amount to 3 percent of revenue. Why do you keep blaming them?" At which point the neurotic lady started shouting at me that we all were mean and hostile and the congressman was doing a great job and we should just let him help us because that's what he wanted to do

Read the whole account at Powerline
Also read the response one commenter here received when calling Murphy's office here
Hat Tip to PA Watercooler

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