Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Patrick Murphy on Health Care: *Crickets* has a post on Patrick Murphy's (PA-8) next scheduled appearance. Unfortunately for his constituency, it is scheduled to be held in Pittsburgh, next week in support of his personal cause the repeal of DADT.

In my last Murphy update on August 4th, I linked an editorial that appeared in "The Intelligencer" literally shaming Murphy into scheduling a town hall in a large venue to give his constituents greater access to their Congressman on this important issue. There is nothing scheduled, nor does it appear Murphy has plans to schedule such an event. As Bucksright notes:
"Some Democrats have been facing their constituents in town halls. Others wus out and hold virtual town hall meetings via the telephone. Patrick Murphy, though, has closed his ears to the entire debate."

In fairness to Murphy, it doesn't appear he is completely unwilling to respond to his constituents' concerns. For example, I did receive an email response yesterday to a letter I sent in mid June outlining my concerns about how he might vote on Cap and Trade. Murphy voted for the bill when many other Blue Dogs had the good sense to shy away. Clearly the fact that Pennsylvania is a coal state was no concern of Murphy's. He will vote how he pleases and send a form email nearly two months later.

If Murphy feels justified to go back to Washington after recess and vote for HR3200 after two limited meetings with constituents, he has no respect for the voters of Bucks County. If he is re-elected after his abysmal voting record, Bucks County deserves no better. I personally believe there is a ground swell emerging of voters who are outraged at Murphy's blatant disregard for his voters concerns. A nice portion of my readers here are Bucks County residents. I appreciate their support more than I can say. I feel comforted knowing there are others who are as outraged as I am about Murphy's record.

Now, is not the time to surrender, we can keep the pressure on if only to raise his disregard in the next election. I have sent emails to the NRCC urging them to list Murphy on their most targeted list. Murphy is vulnerable, I believe that. If we work to keep the pressure on his re-election, I believe we can send a true representative who listens to his voters to Washington in 2010. YES WE CAN!

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