Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Devil on Levi Johnston's Shoulder

Via Memeorandum Vanity Fair pays Levi Johnston big bucks to dish dirt on Sarah Palin. Wonder of wonders, he complies. As the mother of a 19 year old girl, a Levi Johnston is about my worst nightmare. As Ace at Ace of Spades notes, the chances I would make this creep privy to all the family business are zero. Scratch that, maybe less than zero if it's possible.

Levi is an irresponsible kid who happens to have fathered a child. Rather than encourage Levi to consider his child's welfare, Vanity Fair whirls his limited brain with money and a shot of extending his 15 minutes in order to gain a little bit of completely incredible dirt on one of the most powerful name in politics. Never mind that no one will ever do this had that politician had a D after his/her name, all bets are off when it comes to Sarah Palin. Vanity Fair sells out it's a"journalistic soul" and any shred of integrity that could have been ascribed to it's name to slam Palin and to cash in on her fame with salacious headlines. That those headlines accuse her of cashing in on her own name, is evidently an irony that appears to have escaped them.

See Conservatives4Palin who tear to shreds Levi's claims.

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