Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fishy Insanity from the Obama Administration

Doug Ross has a very troubling proposal found in a Request for Quote discovered by the NLPC or National Legal and Policy Center
NLPC has uncovered a plan by the White House New Media operation to hire a technology vendor to conduct a massive, secret effort to harvest personal information on millions of Americans from social networking websites... The targeted sites include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr and others – any space where the White House “maintains a presence.”
Read the Request for Quote here . This is beyond asking for fishy health care statements. This administration knows no limits and shows the ultimate hypocrisy after years of railing against the Patriot Act. At least that was done in the open and with support of Congress. This secretive bid for spider surveillance is a realization of Big Brother 2009.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has done some reading of the RFQ and finds it to be a harmless program in keeping with The Presidential Records Act. You can read Ed's excellent analysis at Hot Air.

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