Thursday, September 24, 2009

Earworm Propaganda

Since Michelle Malkin posted the video of students singing their praise of Barack Obama, I have had the refrain of the the first song "mmmm, mmmm, mmmm Barack Hussein Obama," stuck in my head. The fact that Fox is running this video on every show tonight suggests I won't be getting rid of this earworm anytime soon. You can read the rest of the lyrics at Fox in case you'd like to be sure of the rest of the words that will be stuck in you head for a while.

To my surprise, Fox is not the only one running this video. Contessa Brewer commented on it at MSNBC and agreed that it was disturbing. That fact alone has to be the surest sign of the apocalypse I have seen in a while. Norah O'Donnell ran it as well and of course she saw no problem with it. Here is a clip that Allahpundit linked tonight originally posted by NewsBusters:

Having two kids myself, one in college now while one is still in high school, I have had my share of issues crop up with teachers and politics. There are some teachers, this one included who can't seem to see why teaching a group of kindergardeners to sing the praises of Barack Obama is a problem. Still, the individual instances of bias I have come across don't make them national news events in and of themselves. Overall, I agree with Allahpundit, it is that the video comes in a string of revelations about Obama propaganda that makes it a target for national attention and yes outrage.

While the Obama administration has tried to put some distance between themselves and the efforts at propagandizing the NEA, throwing Yosi Sergant under the Obama bus may not come close to putting a close on the Obama propaganda problem. Sergant, after all didn't work in the White House as did Buffy the Integrity Slayer. The string of Obama appointees and associations with unpopular agendas now using government to achieve those goals seems endless. Every day uncovers a new one, and today is no different. Pat at And So it Goes in Shreveport has the scoop on the latest Bizarre Czar who should give every parent with a school-aged child reasons to suspect their schools are far from safe.

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