Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free Copy of "Culture of Corruption" for 5000th visitor


I started my blog just about two months ago and now am nearing a bit of a landmark.   I am just 53 visits away from reaching 5000 visits.  While I know there are blogs that get 10 times that number visitors an hour, I am thrilled to be hitting this mark in two months.  I am very close to reaching that number now according to the blogger dashboard that has been tracking visits since the first day.  My sitemeter was added quite a bit later, so that doesn't reflect an accurate count.    I will watch the meter and post the location of the visitor who puts me over the 5000 mark.  The visitor who matches that location can send me their address and I will mail them a copy of Michelle Malkin's fantastic book.

Thanks to everyone who stopped in here to read.  The growing number of readers who come back every day are appreciated more than you can possibly imagine.  Good luck!

The Winner is a reader from Lincoln Nebraska using road runner. If that reader will send me their name and address to I will get your copy of Culture of Corruption in the mail today. Thanks to all who came to visit, I will offer more prizes in the future so stay tuned.

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