Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Morning Links and Laughs

First the Links:

Keith Hennessey
finally weighs in on Baucus Care, it's not a pretty picture. Here are two of the many startling things Keith finds in the long-awaited bill:
Nobody has asked the question, “Will the Baucus bill increase or decrease health insurance premiums relative to current law?” CBO’s analysis instead blurs the question of how much health insurance will cost, with how much you will pay for your health insurance after new subsidies and taxes. I fear that these bills will increase the cost of health insurance, then shift those costs from premium payers to taxpayers. If I am right, then the Baucus bill cuts wages. If verified by CBO, that should be sufficient to kill the bill. Somebody in Congress needs to ask CBO this question.
The combination of guaranteed issue and community rating mean the bill would dramatically lower premiums for those with predictably high health expenditures, and would dramatically increase premiums for the relatively young and healthy. When combined with an individual mandate, the Baucus bill would force younger healthier Americans to pay higher premiums to cross-subsidize older and less healthy Americans. All those 20-something staff assistants will be subsidizing their 50-something bosses.

More ObamaCare delusions by Karl in The Green Room.

Daily Uprising: Tolerance and the Left: The Root of Madfloridian’s Madness. Excellent read!

American Power Benjamin Netanyahu: 'What a Mockery of the Charter of the United Nations'

Pundit & Pundette: Descent into comedy: Our "safe schools" czar.

Now a much needed laugh:

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