Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gallup Poll Shows Obama Failing on Voter's Top Priorities

Gallup's latest poll shows major problems for this administration:

Polling has shown voters prefer Obama to concentrate on cutting the deficit, yet on this factor Gallup shows the lowest approval and highest disapproval to date.  There can be no dispute that Obama has put an inordinate focus on healthcare policy and here too Gallup shows Obama failing.  With just 43% approval and 51% disapproval, Obama has failed to convince the majority of Americans his healthcare policy will make things better. 

With 46% approval on the economy and 51% disapproval, Obama has great reason to worry as Gallup shows him starting with a 59% approval.  A 13 point slide in 8 months in an area that largely got him elected shows Obama to be now weakest on areas once thought to be his strengths. 
H/T: Hot Air

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