Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Charlie Bites Evolution of Dance

Here is some news you can really use, reports that the 55 second video of Charlie the finger-biter has surpassed the "Evolution of Dance" as the most watched video on youtube. Each of the videos have over 129 million views each.

The "Charlie Bit Me-Again" video was reported to have been uploaded only to show the boys' godfather who lived overseas. The brothers, Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr, receive autograph requests according to their father Howard who originally uploaded the video in 2007. The boys were 5½ and two at the time.

The "Evolution" video went up a full year earlier than the "Charlie" video and has been knocked out of the number one spot twice before. Perhaps it will regain top status again. Here are both videos, for those who aren't among the 129 million who have already seen them:

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