Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chris Matthews on What the Vote in VA says About Obama

Today's Hardball had some interesting comments from the Obama worshipper-in-Chief. Matthews concludes the show with the poll from the Washington Post that shows 7 in 10 say how they intend to vote next week does not reflect their opinion on Obama. The Post finding is intended to show the upcoming election in not an early referendum on Obama:
Seven in 10 Virginia voters say their views of President Obama, who is scheduled to campaign Tuesday with Deeds in Norfolk, will not be a factor in their choice for governor. The rest are about evenly divided between those who say their vote will be motivated by their desire to express support for the president and those who want to voice opposition to him, suggesting that Obama might not be a decisive figure in the contest and that the race is not the early referendum on the Obama presidency many have suggested it would be.
Watch the video for Matthews take on this poll and be sure to hang in there to the end, it's less than a minute and well worth watching.

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