Monday, October 5, 2009

Pointing Fingers at Beck is Easier than Journalism

Ben Cohen at HuffPo is under some wild delusion that Rupert Murdoch might actually cut Glenn Beck loose because the lefty boycott has been so effective or something. If Beck is such a lunatic why does the left spend so much time and energy focusing on him? Conservatives can get riled up over an Olbermann report, but there has been no real effort by conservatives to boycott his sponsors. A quick google search shows a mention of a desire to boycott his show on a conservative forum SodaHead. The rest of the entries for boycotts against Olbermann come from liberals. Democratic Underground has discussions on three separate boycotts against Olbermann. The Clinton campaign organized another against fellow MSNBC host David Shuster. The liberals sure seem to enjoy a good boycott.

Fox cleans up in the ratings compared to MSNBC. Dan Riehl mentions that Joe Scarborough has recently outperformed Beck in the radio ratings in the New York market, however. I would point out though, Scarborough is a moderate while Mika Brzezinski, his co-host is quite liberal. That they might beat Beck in the New York market seems not terribly surprising. Beck has a large cable audience and has attracted quite a bit of media attention. Whether it is positive or negative that type attention drives viewers to Fox. Many advertisers have merely shuffled their ads from Beck's show to others. Murdoch is not losing a thing.

If liberals are so concerned about Beck, perhaps they should consider giving him less attention instead of feeding the Beck frenzy. Of course they will not and their fury will only draw more conservatives out of the woodwork to see what the fuss is all about. Those in the media, Joy Behar for example, love to point to Beck as insane, while they ignore it in their own backyard. Beck's association with the toppling of ACORN as well as the Van Jones and Yosi Sergeant resignations have infuriated the left and shown the main stream media to be asleep at the switch.

Beck hasn't done any of this single-handedly, Big Government has done quite a bit of the heavy lifting. As with Beck, the focus of investigation doesn't turn to the corruption they have called to public attention, the investigation instead focuses on Breitbart, Giles, O'Keefe and Beck. What an incredible waste. If the left would like these people to shut up, they could start by cleaning their houses. It is an entirely Democratically controlled government right now. Screaming about Beck or focusing investigations on Breitbart reveals how seriously they take that responsibility.  There is a sure fire path available to the leftist media and liberals to silence Beck; leave him nothing to talk about or prove him wrong as he challenges in the following clip.  I doubt Beck is holding his breath 

H/T: Memeorandum

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