Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Bad Time to be a Democrat

While Rasmussen has been showing Republicans in the lead on the Congressional Ballot for some time, today Gallup shows a 4 point edge for Republicans as well.  Gallup sampled 894 registered voters which generally produces results that lean towards the Democrats, to find Republicans leading 48% to 44% for Democrats.  The most startling finding in this poll, Republicans gained a full 22 point preference among Independents:

Party like it's 1994! There is every reason to party if you're a Republican, as Byron York points out in The Washington Examiner:
It's an extraordinary turnaround for the GOP. Last July, Democrats held a six-point lead. Last December, Democrats held a 15-point lead. At one point in 2007, Democrats held a 23-point lead, and for all of that year, 2007, Democrats held a double-digit lead.

The new Republican lead is the result of a dramatic move of independents toward the Republican party. In the new poll, according to Gallup, the GOP leads among independents, 52 percent to 30 percent -- whopping 22-point margin. Last month, the Republican lead among independents was just nine points, and in July, the GOP lead was a single point. So among independents, the Republican lead has gone from one point to 22 points in less than six months -- with much of lead accumulating in the last month.
Will Democrats continue to bury their heads in the sand and continue to pursue a left-wing agenda that is clearly losing the confidence of the all important Independent voters?  Harry Reid answers "full steam ahead," as he plans to take the yet unwritten Senate health care bill to the floor next week.  Do we get to read the invisible bill or is that too much to ask?

H/T:  and many more reactions at Memeorandum.

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