Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jon Runyan to Tackle Congress?

PolitickerNJ has an interesting scoop for those from the Philadelphia area or anyone interested in the fight to take back the House in 2010. Former Eagles star Jon Runyan is considering a run against the Freshman Rep. John Adler (D NJ-03). Adler is on the list of GOP targeted seats in hopes of retiring Pelosi from her role as Speaker.  If anyone could tackle the job of taking that gavel from Pelosi, Runyan can.  The question remains whether he will, however:

There is a deep bench of potential candidates, but some Republicans have one in mind who could clear the field: Philadelphia Eagles legend Jon Runyan, a Mount Laurel resident.
Sources tell that Assemblywoman Dawn Addiego (R-Evesham) - who knows Runyan because their children attend school together - has talked to him about running.  Runyan, who is not currently active in the NFL but has not retired, has not ruled out a run.  It is unclear, however, how serious the prospect is.
Reached for comment by, Addiego said "I don't think I'm at liberty to discuss that right now."
There has been continued rumors that Runyan could well end up back on the Eagles offense before the year is out.  While I had been hopeful Runyan might be in Iggles green again this year, I would rather see him tackle Pelosi.  Let's hope the pressure builds for a Runyan run in 2010.

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