Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Working Their Tails Off In PA-8

While Patrick Murphy PA-8, was casting his vote for the House "Affordable" health care reform, a Facebook group was being created for those who have had enough of the pretense that Murphy is anything other than a sure vote for the Obama/Pelosi agenda. Far from being a "Blue Dog," Murphy's voting record lines up near perfectly with the most liberal members of the House.

Doreen Alli Linder notes the absurdity of Murphy's "Blue Dog" status in a post for
Murphy claims he is a, "moderate" although he constantly votes with the extreme left of the Democrat party.  He has a 100% rating with NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League).  He also voted for the Stimulus bill.  He has a D+ rating from the NRA.  He is an extremist.
Anyone remotely familiar with Murphy's voting pattern knew without question this "Blue Dog" would lay down and play dead.  There is never even a hint of tension that Murphy might vote against Pelosi's liberal agenda.  Murphy casts a few strategic votes against the party only when there is absolutely no danger his vote will be critical or decisive.  He votes with a minority of House Democrats including Maxine Waters and Barney Frank on bizarre motions such as  378 to recognize the 30th anniversary of the election of Margaret Thatcher, yet claims he is a moderate.  

Murphy must feel quite confident that the voters of Bucks County are paying absolutely no attention to what he does in Congress.  He consistently tells his constituents he is working his tail off for the district when what is most evident is his commitment to raising money for his own reelection or promoting his rising star with the left wing blogosphere as he trots off to attend  yearly Daily Kos convention Netroots Nation.  Murphy's fundraising skills are as stellar as his left-wing stardom.  He positively towers over the average House Member when it comes to raising money:

Murphy is a follower, unlike the two Republicans who held the seat before him.  Should Republicans retake the House in 2010, Murphy would be as lost as the proverbial sheep.   Murphy won the seat in 2006 against Republican Mike Fitzpatrick when the pendulum had swung against Republicans.  Since 2006, Congressional Democrats have continued to increase the deficits they pledged to cut.  Obama loves to rail against the $1.3 trillion dollar deficit he inherited.  What he fails to mention is that there was no budget approved during the last year of the Bush administration. Democrats stalled believing they would hold all the keys after the election.  Whatever spending was approved in the last year of the Bush administration had the votes of Pelosi, Reid, then Senator Obama and yes, Patrick Murphy.

Since January, the Democrats have been behaving like pirates raiding the spoils of their latest conquest.   From the $787 billion "stimulas" to the $410 billion Omnibus Spending, billions in bailouts for the auto industry and  financial sector to the trillions proposed to be spent on health care, Democrats haven't met an opportunity to spend they haven't liked.  Murphy was a yes vote for every one.   His health care vote on Saturday  was the final straw.  It seems as though the grass roots in Bucks County have decided to take matters in their own hands and are putting Mr. Murphy on notice  they will be "working their tails off" to send him packing in 2010.

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