Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pelosi Prepared to Douse Herself With a Bucket of Health Care Reform

Politico reports Pelosi's reaction to the elections last night:
"From our perspective we won last night," Pelosi told reporters during a Wednesday morning photo opportunity. "We had one race that we were engaged in, it was in northern New York, it was a race where a Republican has held the seat since the Civil War and we won that seat, so from our standpoint, no, a candidate was victorious who supports health care reform, and his remarks last night said this was a victory for health care reform and other initiatives for the American people." 

"So from our standpoint we picked up votes last night," a cheerful Pelosi said, "one in California and one in New York."
This is spin of course, so in most cases it would hardly be worth analyzing.  Pelosi, however, is the exception to the rule as she seemed utterly clueless that the country she tried to take on on the hard left legislative tour this year had remained clearly center-right despite electing a liberal Democrat president.   The slaughter of Democrats by Independents last night was the story of last night's election, Pelosi seems intent on ignoring that.  Passing her 1990 page health care debacle will result in her little blue dogs being carried away in a tornado next November taking her broom and Speaker gavel right along with it.

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