Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Virginia - Isn't She Pretty in Red?

I am still relishing the New Jersey victory, which, in my estimation, was the Pièce de résistance at the end of the day.  Still, McDonnell's win by a stunning 18 percentage points deserves a standing ovation.

Here are a few counties that mattered:

Albemarle County voted for Obama 59% to 40% McCain in 2008.  Tonight McDonnell won the county with 50.48% to Deeds 49.40%.

Nelson County voted for Obama 54 to 45, yet tonight's results were nearly flipped with McDonnell getting 54% to Deeds 46%.

Buckingham County was a squeaker for Obama where he received 50% to McCain's 49%.  Tonight McDonnell got 63% to Deeds 37%.

Prince Edward County did a complete flip as well.  In 2008 Obama got 54% to McCain's 45% while McDonnell received 54.97% to Deeds' 44.94%.

Sussex County voted 62% for Obama with just 38% for McCain whereas McDonnell won tonight with 53.94% to Deeds' 45.94%

Suffolk County went for Obama 57% to 43% for McCain.  Tonight McDonnell won 58% to Deeds' 42% representing, again, another complete reversal.

Chesapeake went from a squeaker for Obama 51 to 49%.  McDonnell won tonight with 60% to Deeds' 40%

The swing districts nearest Washington; Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties all voted for Obama in 2008 and tonight they swung back for McDonnell in droves.  McDonnell is estimated to have won 65% of the Independent vote according to the exit polls.   In what has to be the most ironic fact of the evening, the White House hosted "The Biggest Loser," tonight.  No, I am not kidding and neither was Jake Tapper:

I was planning a replay of my favorite ad for the occasion.  I am not sure why it has been taken down but not to worry, there is a pretty good substitute available:


  1. That's a lot of red!!

  2. Yes, there isn't near enough blue in there to make it purple.  It was quite a win.


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