Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Results That Have Absolutely Nothing to do With Obama - Shhhh (they do)

UPDATE:  AP Calling NJ for Christie

A quick glance at the topic trends at Memeorandum tells you the MSM has their full spin gear on for tonight's results. Erick Erickson cautions the exit polling in NJ and VA is heavily skewed towards the Democrats. The MSM has taken the opportunity to make it clear none of tonight's election results have anything to do with Obama.   Feel the spin:
CBS News Exit Polls in Va. and N.J.: The Obama (Non) Factor?

CNN has entered the Olympic Spin Team with the following:
The Fix  Exit Polls: Obama as (non) factor?

Gee, do you think they want us to believe Obama, the Democratic Congress and the left-wing agenda have absolutely nothing to do with any election results or what?

Early results from NJ has Christie winning 52% to Corzine's 42%, Daggett has a weak 6%.  Election results can be seen here.  Results are very early, so be prepared for a long haul on the New Jersey vote results.   Allahpundit has Corzine's InTrade numbers collapsing, presumably on the shellacking he is taking among Independents.  So far, all good news.

Governer-elect McDonnell is about to give his victory speech, I think I might cry this is like Christmas

In New Jersey Christie has won Gloucester, Hunterdon and has a massive lead in Ocean county with most of the precincts in there.  Christie is still winning 49 to 45.

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