Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scozzafava isn't the only one Withdrawing from Elections

Via Memeorandum, BBC News reports Dr. Abdullah Abdullah withdrew from the forthcoming election against rival Hamid Karzai. Abdullah does not believe his demands for a fraud free election have been met:
"I will not participate in the election," Dr Abdullah told supporters, saying his demands for ensuring a fraud-free election had not been met.
But he stopped short of calling for a boycott of next Saturday's vote.
Mr Karzai had rejected his demand that election officials who presided over the first round should be dismissed.
While this leaves the future of this election somewhat in turmoil, Secretary of State Clinton evidently sees no problem:
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters in the United Arab Emirates: "We see that happen in our own country where, for whatever combination of reasons, one of the candidates decides not to go forward."
Looks as though Kerry will need to go and empathize with Karzai just a wee bit more.  


  1. I'm curious.  What does dropping out of the election accomplish?

  2. Hi, 
    I just got back from a funeral out of town.  I can't see what might have been accomplished here other than letting the world know the government there continues to operate with corruption and he expected nothing positive to come of his continuing.  I am going to check on the latest news, however, to see what other developments may have come up.  


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