Monday, November 2, 2009

Election Day Eve Roundup

I was out of town for a bit at a family funeral.  Driving back this afternoon, I listened to Rush for a bit and then some of Hannity.  It looks as though election day eve is upon us and things are looking quite positive for the Republicans heading in to these important elections.  Here are a few things that caught my eye:

Rasmussen shows the new Pelosi health care bill, all 1990 pages of it, are even more unpopular than the old Pelosi health care bill.  This is important especially since tomorrow's elections could be icing on the cake for those who are going to be forced to walk the liberal plank into the shark infested waters of the coming midterm elections.  Voting for an unpopular health care bill will be all that much harder after the state of Virginia turns back into a red state after voting for its first Democratic president since the 60's.

I did catch a glimpse of the news that Scozzafava endorsed the Democrat Owens.   She seems to have gone out of her way to make the conservative argument that RINO's need to be purged.  Scozzafava isn't even in the moderate realm, she is really more a liberal.  She also will make it much less palatable to give to the NRCC, as if it wasn't already tough to support.  Scozzafava took something like $900,000 and loads of support from the party and comes out to support a Democrat?    She just put herself in Arlen Specter range of trustworthiness.

Since Virginia looks to be a blow out, the model for selecting candidates is pretty clear.  Scozzafava and her ilk will bale when the going gets tough while a conservative can win big by focusing on the small government, low tax message.  Of course the party has room for all but those we invest in and give the full support of the party should be tried and true.  Those that selected Scozzafava need to be replaced.

I listened to Hoffman on Hannity while I was driving.  He seems to prefer the underdog mantle despite the latest Siena poll showing him up by 5.  As Ed Morrissey wrote, this is a tough one to predict:
In other words, the race is in a state of flux that may not lend itself to predictions.  Much will depend on the motivation of Scozzafava’s former supporters, who may just take a pass on the election altogether.
This election has the momentum heading in the right direction, however, as does the NJ election for Christie.  I just caught a moment or two of Hardball and heard Matthews making a prediction the election would ending up producing a win for Christie.  Surprisingly, he felt the fat jokes made by Corzine's campaign were a big mistake but continues to suggest the elections are in fact a referendum on Obama.   I will see if I can load the clip when it becomes available.

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